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Trusted Payment Technology & Service Integrated into Streamline VRS

Blue Sky Cabin Rentals

I own one of the largest cabin rental companies in North Georgia. We process more credit card volume than almost anyone else in our area. Because of this, we receive numerous unsolicited calls every week from various processing companies that promise they will save us money. When we first partnered with Sharon, she held to her word and did save us tons of money in credit card processing fees over one of her competitors. A few years later, we were swayed by another merchant provider that promised to save us even more because they were “bigger” and could negotiate fees better for us. We were led astray and partnered with the new company. It only took one month to realize that we should have never left. We called Sharon back and reestablished our partnership. Since the beginning, she has been true to her word and an advocate for us in many situations. She has been a vital part of our puzzle and we will forever be lifelong customers of hers.

BRAD SPENCER | Scottsdale, Arizona

Paradise Retreats

Paradise Retreats understands the need for accepting credit cards as an essential part of short-term rental management. After meeting with several providers, we chose the Lynnbrook Group for our credit card processing. The Lynnbrook Group has made the transition to accepting credit cards smooth and effortless. They have competitive rates & incredible customer service which makes them the perfect partner for us. If you need an honest, effective, and cost-effective provider of credit card services, we highly recommend you consider the Lynnbrook Group.

NATE NIENHUIS | Newport Beach, California

Park City Vacation Rentals

I switched to Lynnbrook Group a few years back and couldn’t be happier. We save around 80,000 per year in CC processing fees over the last company, and Lynnbrook’s service is second to none. From top down, they have an amazing team that always keeps you informed and easy to reach out to at nearly any hour. They have an extremely well run organization and I would highly recommend them to anyone. You won’t regret changing to Lynnbrook, plus they will save money too!

JIM BIZILY | Park City, Utah