Buy Now Pay Later – Mobile Wallets for Short-Term Property Managers

Revolutionize your bookings with payment wallets

Payment Wallets such as PayPal and Venmo offer numerous advantages by streamlining financial transactions and enhancing overall customer experience. Customers can seamlessly make transactions with just a few clicks.

Payment Wallets provide a secure platform for financial transactions, using advanced encryption technology to protect sensitive information. This security feature instills trust in both property managers and guests, fostering a secure and reliable payment environment.

These features are fully integrated which means you don’t have to work with third parties. All transactions are seamless within your PMS.

Mobile Wallet
increase bookings

Increase bookings with Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) payment option

Buy Now Pay Later offers many benefits that improve convenience and financial flexibility, revolutionizing the way people book their vacations. This gives customers the freedom to book their vacations without being constrained by short-term financial restrictions.

Buy Now Pay Later options cater to a diverse range of customers, including those who may not have access to traditional credit facilities. This inclusivity expands the customer base and fosters brand loyalty as individuals appreciate the tailored approach to their financial circumstances. With the flexibility to choose from various repayment plans, customers have the autonomy to align payments with their income schedules, enhancing their overall experience.

Roelens Vacations

Introducing Buy Now Pay Later and Mobile Wallet options by Lynnbrook has truly revolutionized our approach. Now, our guests can seamlessly plan and savor their vacations without the stress of immediate payments. This newfound flexibility has significantly elevated our booking numbers and enriched the overall guest experience.

Torsten Josupeit
Roelens Vacations

Benefits for Property Managers 


Payout Reliability

Get paid in full at the time of booking, regardless of deposit terms. Full payment is made via PayPal and the payment is nonrefundable.


Payment Security and Risk Mitigation

PayPal takes all merchant risk, bearing responsibility of collecting payments from guests and other payment risks.


Increased Traffic to Your Booking Website

PayPal plans to use its member base to drive traffic to websites supporting the buy now pay later program.


Bypass Third Parties

Since these features are fully integrated with Lynnbrook, you don’t need to use a separate tool or third-party to use them.


Helps Boost Sales

Offering installment options can help drive conversion and customer loyalty.


Pays You Up Front

Receive complete payment when orders are processed and we’ll take care of billing.


Increases Order Value

Shoppers may spend more at checkout if they know they can pay over time.


Attract Repeat Customers

79% of Millennial and Gen Z Buy Now, Pay Later users are more likely to shop at a merchant again if offered a Buy Now, Pay Later option.

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