Best Practices To Avoid Chargebacks

Reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns regarding a chargeback or a potential chargeback. We are experienced in handling chargebacks and we are always happy to support you.

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Clearly Communicate Policies

Your Terms and Conditions need to be in writing and agreed to by the Cardholder. Each policy in your agreement should be signed and/or initialed with your Cancellation/Refund Policy being the last.

Accurately Describe Property

Cardholders may dispute charges claiming “Not as described” or “Misrepresented”. For example: not on the beach, air conditioning did not work, pool was not heated, etc. Be sure an accurate description of the property is provided at time of booking.

Keep Renters In The Loop

Let the renter know when a transaction is processed, a change made in the Rental Agreement, there is a delay in availability, or damage to the property.

Fraud-Card Absent Environment

Merchants are 100% at risk on “card absent transactions”. Do your due diligence and, whenever possible, request additional information such as a driver’s license or utility bill to validate the true Cardholder.

Resolve Issues Reasonably

Work with your renter to resolve issues in a timely fashion. Keep copies of all correspondence including emails and maintenance records in case of a dispute.

Last Minute Reservations

Be leery of last minute reservations. They may be secured with a stolen card. Whenever possible, use a Chip/EMV Reader to take last minute payments in person. Lynnbrook Group can provide chip terminals at a low cost!

No Delayed Or Amended Charges Without Authorization

Be sure to get the Cardholder’s authorization on amended or delayed charges. Having a card on file or language in your Rental Agreement regarding damages does not give you permission to charge the card without the express written permission of the Cardholder. If a dispute arises, you will need to show proof that the Cardholder authorized the specific detailed charge.

Don't Process Further Payments Or Refunds If A Chargeback Arises

If a renter has issued a Chargeback and further payments or refunds are pending, do not process either until the Chargeback is resolved. Your bank account may have already been debited for the Chargeback!

We are available to help!

Contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding a chargeback or a potential chargeback. We are experienced in handling these situations and are happy to support you.

View the Visa chargeback management guidelines:

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