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Trusted Payment Technology & Service Integrated into RNS


Lynnbrook Group is a great credit card processing solution for the vacation rental industry. Good rates and great service for the support you need when something goes wrong. I recommend them!



Merchant services have become a vital part of our industry in recent years. This has posed many companies like ours to transition into this new world of payment, and that has included many adjustments to new rules, regulations, fees, and some associated difficulties - especially in relation to credit card charge backs for our business. Lynnbrook Group has guided us through each of these events and made it as easy on us as possible during this process. Change isn’t always an easy thing to deal with, but Lynnbrook Group has been terrific. In our experience, there is no one better to assist PMC’s with their merchant services than Lynnbrook Group, and we are so happy they are our business partner. They provide us unmatched customer service, advice, and rates – saving us headaches, time, and money; all of which stem from their incredible background and experience in this industry. They are a capable partner regardless of the size of your own business, and they do it without losing that “mom and pop” feel. Choosing them was one of the best decisions my company and I have made.

ADAM and JEN MOTT | Sarasota, FL

Teeming Vacation Rentals

We have been working with the Lynnbrook Group for over 3 years and couldn’t be happier with our decision. Sharon, Tim, Sheila and Katie are not only family in this family run business but have become like family to us. Likewise, their extraordinary level of customer service, responsive communication, eagerness to help, and personal availability make us feel like family. My guess is they make all their partners feel like they are their “favorite” and that’s one of the secrets of their phenomenal success. From the start, they worked closely with us to ensure our transition was smooth and seamless. With their years of experience and wealth of knowledge about credit card processing within the vacation rental industry, they have both guided us in fighting credit card chargebacks and beefing up our terms and conditions to provide more protection against chargebacks. We have gained cost savings, time savings, more extensive knowledge and an honest, hardworking partner who have become friends. As you can see, we at Teeming Vacation Rentals are teeming with praise for Sharon, Tim, Sheila, Katie and all the Lynnbrook family. We have no doubt you’ll be thanking us if you choose to use their services!  

JEFF & GINA PAGLIALONGA | St. Pete, Clearwater, FL