In Strategic Partnership, Lynnbrook becomes Direct’s Preferred Payment Solution

by | Apr 3, 2024 | General

Lynnbrook, the leading innovative payment solutions provider for the short-term vacation rental industry, proudly announces a direct integration partnership with Direct, a major vacation PMS, offering their customers access to the leading vacation payments system. Through this collaboration, Lynnbrook brings its cutting-edge technology to Direct’s platform, delivering an elevated level of service and industry-tailored solutions to the many operators Direct serves in the short-term and RV rental markets.

“Our innovative partnership with Lynnbrook marks a significant step forward for Direct,” says Direct’s CEO Wes Smithe. “Lynnbrook has developed a deep understanding of the short-term rental industry, one that extends far beyond payment and refund processing to the ins and outs of the entire booking flow, intricacies of owner statements and payouts, and effective risk mitigation strategies that prioritize the needs of vacation and RV rental managers. We’re thrilled to welcome Lynnbrook as our new preferred payment solutions partner.”

Lynnbrook’s enhanced technology provides industry-designed features and benefits including:

  • Premium customer support
  • Vacation rental payment experts
  • All-in-one payment solution that eliminates gateway fees and provides in-house underwriting
  • Frictionless guest verification solutions
  • Buy Now Pay Later Options
  • Integrated homeowner vendor payouts

“Lynnbrook is proud to continue to bring our pioneering technology to the forefront of the short-term vacation rental industry with our new preferred payment solution partnership with Direct,” says Matt Gurley, Lynnbrook’s Director of Sales and Partner Integrations. “This collaboration reflects our commitment to integrating advanced solutions, delivering elevated service levels, and addressing the unique needs of operators in short-term, vacation, and RV rental management.”

Its first-rate fintech products have earned Lynnbrook industry recognition by Skift as one of the top vendors in the short-term rental industry. With its comprehensive expertise in short-term and vacation industry payments, Lynnbrook’s innovative solutions are truly instrumental in shaping the industry.

About Lynnbrook

Lynnbrook is the leading payment solutions platform in the short-term vacation rental industry. It specializes in partnering with professional short-term vacation rental companies and major PMS platforms to empower them with its innovative payment solutions and technical solutions to drive operational efficiency. Its technological advancements and industry-tailored features set the standard in the market for payment technology, with a holistic approach from guest checkout experience to back-end accounting. To learn more about Lynnbrook, contact us here.


Matt Gurley
Director of Sales and Partner Integrations